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Birthdate:Aug 24
Location:Illinois, United States of America
This journal is friends only. I find it more necessary to be a little more private in both my online communications as well as my written inner monologues, not out of any sort of paranoia, but more so out of personal discretion. I would prefer to maintain a drama free zone, and while I do encourage a healthy dialogue between individuals of differing viewpoints, in the end, I would hope that we would all be able to behave as ladies and gentlemen. Or good little boys and girls. But that doesn't happen, this is real life, and real people do real things like flip their lids. Or their middle fingers when your car has stalled in the middle of rush hour traffic.

This journal discusses human sexuality, namely my own. I also write about my mental health, among other things, including, but not limited to: Christianity and how I relate to it; literature; my own writing and art; music; films and pop-culture.

I'm a writer, an amateur photographer and an artist.

If you are one who does not go to great lengths to affect a pseudo-intellectual or pseudo-spiritual facade, then we will get along just fine. Be yourself- that is all I ask. I welcome new friends, please don't presume that because this journal is friends only that I'm an isolated snob.

Quotable Quotes:
"Faith was never intended as a substitute for intelligence."

"...Who are you?" -The Caterpillar, "Alice in Wonderland"

"This curve is your smile, and this cross is your heart, and this line is your path..." Kate Bush, "The Red Shoes"

General Disclaimer: The contents contained in this blog are, unless otherwise noted, the intellectual property of the author and are his express opinions and personal views.

Interests (165):

abandoned places, abuse survivors, aimee mann, anarchy, ancient cities, androgyny, anthropology, antiques, apologetics, archetypes, architecture, art, atheism, babylon 5, biblical studies, biking, biography, bipolar disorder, bird watching, birds, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, bjork, books, british accents, calligraphy, catholicism, cats, christian ministry, christianity, civilizations, classic literature, classics, cognitive dissonance, comedy, conservation, conservatism, crisis intervention, culture, cycling, death, debate, depeche mode, doctor who, documentaries, dogs, drama, drawing, dreams, dysfunctional families, erasure, ethics, family, fantasy, fiona apple, fitness, florence + the machine, florence and the machine, flowers, folklore, food, forests, formal wear, freedom, gale beggy, gardening, god, gollum, graffitti, health, historical fiction, homebody, horror, humanism, humanitarian aid, humor, ideology, illinois, individualism, infj, insects, introverts, islam, jesus christ, judaism, jung, kate bush, la roux, languages, liberalism, libraries, literature, lyrics, manic depression, memoirs, mental disorders, mental health, minimalism, muse, museums, music, mythology, naps, nature, near death experiences, night, nonsense, not so straight, obfuscation, order, painting, parapsychology, personality disorders, philosophy, photography, poetry, postmodernism, prayer, psychiatry, psychology, purple, quiet, rabbits, reading, religion, rufus wainwright, running, schizotypal personality disorder, science, science fiction, scripture, sculpture, semantics, sexuality, sexuality issues, shadow, sherlock holmes, smeagol, social work, sociology, solitude, springfield illinois, star trek, suits and ties, suspense, symbolism, symbols, the arts, the matrix, theology, thunderstorms, tolkien, tomfoolery, tori amos, tree climbing, trees, understanding, unicorns, urban decay, values, video blogging, weird illinois, werewolves, world politics, world religions, writing
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